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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Every year dozens of injured, sick or orphaned wild animals are found by the public.

Wildlife cannot be kept as pets. Wildlife Rehabilitation facilities require a permit from the government that lists the species they are allowed to rehabilitate. Veterinary practices can provide temporary veterinary care until injured wildlife can be transferred to a Wildlife Rehabilitation facility.

All migratory birds are protected by federal legislation (Migratory Birds Conventions Act) and regulated by Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS). This act strictly regulates who can possess and transport any migratory bird. Native wildlife (non-migratory birds, birds of prey and mammals) are protected by provincial legislation (Wildlife Act & regulations) by Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) and regulated by conservation officers under Alberta Justice & Solicitor General.

Have you found a wild animal in distress? Please contact your veterinarian to find out if they will admit wildlife for medical care. There are also a number of wildlife rehabilitation facilities in Alberta you can contact for assistance. Look below to find an organization near you:

Northern Alberta

WildNorth Northern Alberta Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
Edmonton, AB

Alberta Society for Injured Birds of Prey
Sherwood Park, AB

Central Alberta

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation
Madden, AB

Cochrane Ecological Institute
Cochrane, AB

Medicine River Wildlife Centre
Spruceview, AB

Southern Alberta

Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation
Coaldale, AB

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
Calgary, AB


Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative
National organization with excellent resources on their website as well as telephone numbers for many provincial contacts.