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  • Zoonoses

    What are Zoonoses? No, we're not talking about an elephant's trunk. Zoonoses are diseases that animals and people share – in the...

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  • Euthanasia

    Pets enrich our lives beyond measure. They give us the comfort of their companionship. They accept us without criticism or...

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  • Dogs and Fireworks

    When it comes to festivities and celebrations, some dogs may enjoy the setting while others are best left at home. Dogs can be...

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  • Fear of Thunderstorms

    Did you know a fear of thunderstorms is a surprisingly common problem among dogs? The fear may be so strong that some dogs can...

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  • Dog Bite Prevention

    Statistics show that it is most often pets you know that bite, so just because you know your pets or your neighbours' pets well,...

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  • Cat & Dog Dentistry

    Veterinary dentistry is essential for the health and wellbeing of your animals. Whether considering animal dentistry for your dog...

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