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Biosecurity in Practice - Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection (C and D)

Disinfection in On-Farm Biosecurity Procedures

Source: Ohio State University

Disinfection in On-Farm Biosecurity Procedures


Biosecurity and FMD, presented at the EuFMD training session in Turkey, June 1 - 5/09

Source: Eoin Ryan, Irish Dept. of Agriculture



Disinfectants - Biosecurity - Products -

Source: Vetoquinol Canada Inc.

Cleaning products


The Biosecure Magazine

Source: Vetoquinol Canada Inc.

September 2007 Issue - 404 error

February 2007 Issue

February 2006 Issue - 404 error


Avian Influenza - Cleaning and Disinfection Tips for Small Flock Owners

Source: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Cleaning & Disinfection Tips

Veterinary Practice Entity (VPE's) Protocols - Sample Worksheets

The following sample worksheets are intended to provide a suggested format for incorporating C & D disinfections in your practice. The worksheets are provided in word in a draft format so they may be customized to meet your needs.

Enhanced Biosecurity Protocol FAD or Reportable DZ suspect

Enhanced Biosecurity Protocols for Ambulatory Practice

Exam Room Following ALERT Case


LA Exam Areas

LA Isolation

Rabies Suspect Patients

Radiology Equipment

Routine Surgery Sanitation

SA Isolation

SA Kennel Cleaning

SA Ward Sanitation

Surgery Biosafety

Surgery Equipment

Surgery Room Biosafety

Return to Main Hospital

DVM Farm Calls

Returning to Clinic

Routine Protocol for Ambulatory Practice

Basic Protocol for Ambulatory Practice

SRM Handling and Permit Information