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Don’t miss Alberta Farm Days August 13 & 14

Alberta Open Farm Days is a Province Wide Open House being held on August 13 and 14 across our great province. Alberta Farm Days represent an opportunity to come meet your rural neighbours and see first hand where much of your food comes from. As an organization that represents Veterinarians, the ABVMA takes immense pride in endorsing Alberta Farm Days.  

Alberta Farm Days Gives You the Opportunity to Get a First Hand Look at How Livestock is Raised in Alberta 

Today more Albertans than ever are concerned where their food originates from

Many Alberta consumers are asking questions about the hormones and antibiotics that are used in raising livestock. The concerns Albertans have about the safety and quality of the livestock raised here in the province reflect the concerns of the veterinary community here at home.  Rural veterinarians and veterinary technologists take great pride in ensuring that they provide the right care and advice to livestock producers, feedlot operators and professionals associated with the livestock industry here in Alberta. Alberta veterinarians and veterinary technologists also share in the pride of knowing Albertans raise some of the best livestock in the world. Our province is known worldwide for the quality of our beef. But many rural veterinary professionals and practices are also involved in helping poultry, pork, beekeepers and dairy producers raise healthy animals and provide some of the best products in the world. 

The ABVMA Encourages Everyone to Attend Alberta Farm Days August 13 & 14

Find an Alberta Open Farm Days event in your area to visit, learn and enjoy.

Alberta Farm Days represent a great opportunity to explore and discover how our food is grown and nurtured. It’s also an excellent way to see firsthand how much Alberta farmers care for their animals. Save the Dates, August 13th and 14th, for your chance to experience what farm life is all about, and to see how much your local producers care about their animals and your wellbeing.