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EIA Regulations

EIA is a reportable disease under the Health of Animals Act. This places certain legal responsibilities on veterinarians and owners/persons with custody or control of infected animals. When a Coggins test indicates that an animal is infected, a federal veterinarian will inform the owner of the test results and the legal requirements under the Health of Animals Act. A control license will be issued on the animal. It is not permitted to move the animal anywhere without this license. Any movement of infected animals other than to slaughter is not recommended.

An owner who moves an EIA infected animal without a license is in contravention of the Health of Animals Act.

Affected animals are prohibited by law from entering community pastures, parklands, competitions, racetracks, shows, stables, or any place where horses, mules or donkeys are assembled. Although it is recommended that an EIA positive horse be humanely destroyed to stop further spread of the disease, the owner of an infected horse may choose to house it in permanent quarantine. However, an owner who knowingly keeps an EIA infected horse and places other horses at risk may be held legally liable. A copy of the guidelines for permanent quarantine is available through a federal district veterinarian.