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Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives

Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives is a coalition of individuals and organizations concerned about the well being of cats and birds. We believe all creatures are important, and as humans we owe both cats and birds protection. Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives is led by Nature Canada, the oldest national nature conservation charity in the county. The coalition includes national partners Bird Studies Canada, Earth Rangers, and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, as well as an ever-growing list of regional and local partners.

KEEP CATS SAFE: There are roughly 9.3 million pet cats in Canada, and almost a third of those spend time outdoors unsupervised. But outdoors can be a very dangerous place! Risks include: diseases, cars, fights with other animals, parasites, poisoning and getting lost.

SAVE BIRD LIVES: Another good reason to keep your cat from roaming freely is the risk to birds and wildlife. More than 115 bird species are considered vulnerable to cats because they nest or feed near the ground; these include species at risk such as Barn Swallows and Wood Thrushes. Birds provide vital services such as reducing insect pests and regenerating forests through dispersing seeds.

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES: Pet cats hunt for stimulation, and there are lots of alternative ways to meet that need. Safe outdoor options include: catios (patios for cats!); cat fencing; cat enclosures, cat walks and tents or harness-walking. Indoor cats get stimulation from scratching posts, puzzles & feeding toys; get your cat a window perch for non-stop entertainment! Spend 10-15 minutes twice a day playing with and petting your cat!