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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Rate your pet’s readiness for Take Your Dog to Work Day:

  • Is your dog friendly with other dogs?
  • Is your dog happy to meet new people?
  • Does your dog seem relaxed in new environments? (Signs of low level stress include excessive yawning, panting or vocalizing)
  • Is your dog vaccinated? You don’t want to put your dog or others at risk.
  • Can your dog ‘sit, stay and come’ on demand? This is important to control jumping up if he gets excited. Your colleague may not like their nylons getting snags!

If you answered No to one of the above questions you may want to skip this year’s event and work on your dog’s comfort level for next year. Start by stopping by the office on a day off and just stay a few minutes. Gradually increase the length of time you spend.

If you bring your dog to work:

  • Dog-proof your office – make sure no electrical cords dangling, remove chocolate bars from lower drawers, empty the garbage can
  • Find out if any colleagues are afraid of dogs or have allergies. A baby gate across the doorway to your office can be the perfect solution!
  • Bring food, toys and your dog’s favorite treats
  • Try to keep the routine the same in the morning as you get ready for work
  • Because your dog will be excited he may have to go to the bathroom more often than usual. Regular breaks during the day will be good for both of you!
  • Don’t assume that your dog is OK wandering around the other work spaces e.g. he may be rummaging through someone’s lunch that is accessible! 
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