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Animal Health Week 2020 - Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: Community Health – Animals and You


Each year, throughout Animal Health Week, the veterinary community draws attention to an important health-related message. National Animal Health Week highlights the importance of veterinary care to the health of Albertans, the sustainability of our communities and the success and growth of our agricultural sector.

The theme of National Animal Health Week 2020, October 4 - 10, is ‘Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: Community Health – Animals and You’, with a focus on the following key messages: 

1. Regular veterinary wellness checks can help protect you, your family and your pet from zoonotic diseases.

2. Zoonotic diseases may be transmitted from animals to people but they can be easily prevented.

3. Always wash your hands after being around animals, even if you did not touch them.

4. Talk to your veterinary team for information on zoonotic diseases.


What are Zoonotic Diseases?


Zoonoses are diseases that animals and people share – in the wild, on the farm or in your home. These diseases are spread from pets to people mainly through biting and scratchingSome zoonotic diseases are not transmissible directly from your pet but both you and your pet can contract it i.e. lyme disease after a bite by an infected tick. Thousands of Albertans become sick each year because of disease transmission between animals and humans. Farmers and farm workers often have higher levels of risk for contracting zoonotic diseases because of the frequency of their exposure to animals, therefore spreading awareness and knowledge of zoonotic diseases is vital. 

Examples of zoonotic diseases are:


Help Spread the Word

Want to help us grow awareness of zoonotic diseases? Visit the CVMA website for a number of pre-made social media posts to help you spread the word about animal health week.



Below are a number of helpful resources to help you learn more about zoonoses, the various kinds of zoonotic diseases, the prevention of zoonotic transmission, and more.

Learn more from the CVMA:


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