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Are You Being Misled About Healthy Beef?

Healthy food comes from healthy animals.

Healthy animals are the result of:

  • a nutrition plan

  • good husbandry practices

  • vaccination programs

  • parasite prevention

  • biosecurity and infectious disease protocols

  • the use of antibiotics with veterinary oversight as therapeutic treatment for injured or sick animals

Our members work closely with livestock producers and their operations with the shared goal of raising the healthiest animals possible to provide the highest quality beef in the world.

While the ABVMA believes that retailers and consumers deserve the right to make informed decisions about the meat they sell, purchase, or consume, we disagree with any marketing effort that misleads consumers into thinking antibiotic usage in livestock leads to unhealthy food.

The ABVMA works with organizations such as Alberta Farm Animal Care, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Health Canada Veterinary Drug Directorate, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association to help ensure that all of Alberta’s beef is raised with responsible husbandry practices and the utmost respect for the animals’ quality of life.

For more information on the topic of antibiotic use in livestock and Alberta livestock producers’ commitment to continuous improvement, please visit Raised With Care.