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Traceability, Who Needs to Participate?

The traceability program relies on the cooperation of everyone involved in the animal production industry. Veterinary professionals, as commingling site operators, are required to register their operations. Livestock producers, as animal owners, are also required to register at least one premises location. It is also the responsibility of livestock producers to ensure the animal identification records of all livestock under their care is accurate and accessible.

Premises Identification

If you own an animal that is only kept at locations controlled by someone else (e.g. stable) and that animal will never be kept at premises under your care and control (e.g. farm or acreage), you are not required to apply for a PID Account. However, you will need to obtain the PID Number from the operator of the site where your animal(s) are located. This number is required for a number of actions such as completing official movement records like manifests and permits, purchasing medications from authorized medicine sales outlets, and for some agricultural grants, programs and license applications.

You must apply for a PID Account within 30 days of assuming ownership of livestock or poultry.  Even if you own only one animal, such as a horse, it is still necessary to obtain a PID Account. Although you may view your livestock as a pet or companion animal, it is important to obtain a PID Account because your animal can still receive and transmit diseases that can impact other animals in your care and control as well as your industry.

If you operate a commingling site where animals come together (e.g. veterinary practice, stable, community pasture, fair ground, etc.), you are required to obtain a PID Account, and register all your commingling sites.  As the operator you will need to provide the PID  Number(s) to all the users of your site(s) so that they can comply with regulations.

What information do applicants need to provide?

An applicant must provide:

  • Applicant name and contact information (telephone number, address, email if available)
  • Emergency 24/7 contact information for the premises
  • Location of the premises (e.g. legal land description or geo-referenced coordinates)
  • Type of operation (e.g. farm, abattoir, etc.)
  • Species of animals raised, kept, displayed, assembled, and disposed of on the premises
  • *Maximum capacity of the premises for each species of animal

*Maximum capacity means if you only had that one species on the premises, based on how the applicant runs the operation, what is the most number of animals that they would ever have.

How can I apply for a PID Account?

There are two ways to apply

  • Online Application - You can apply for your own account and maintain your account information online at ​  The online application process is the quickest way to receive your Premises Identification Number.
  • Paper/Hardcopy Application - A paper application form can be obtained from:    
    • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) Field Offices throughout Alberta,
    • Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) Mobile Field Representatives, and
    • Authorized Medicine Sales Outlets

You can also call the Ag­Info Centre at 310-­FARM (3276) to request a form be mailed or faxed to you. You can also have someone print it for you from AF’s Ropin’ the Web at ​   

In accordance with Alberta’s Animal Health Act, as a commingling site operator Veterinary Practice Entities are legally required to provide a PID Number to livestock producers whose animals visit their premises.