Equine Infectious Anemia

Equine infectious anemia is a potentially fatal disease that’s easy to spread and hard to track. Learn how to protect your horses from EIA.

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Minimizing the Risk of EIA

Read more about what risks increase your horses' chances of contracting Equine Infectious Anemia and what you can do as a horse owner to mitigate those risks.

Symptoms of EIA

The clinical symptoms are of EIA are varied and often painful for horses. Protect your horses by learning to recognize the symptoms of EIA.

Wild Horses

Alberta’s wild horses are an invasive species, but they’re also protected. Find out how we balance their health with the health of our environment.

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Wild Horse Resources

Wild horses in Alberta are a serious concern for the provincial government in regards to protecting their well-being while...

2014 Wild Horse Count

The government of Alberta performs an annual count of the provincial wild horse population.

Wild Horses in Alberta

Many concerned members and citizens have written us over the past few weeks in regards to the feral horse capture currently taking place in Alberta.

Equine Emergency Preparedness

Alberta has faced various natural disasters and emergencies in recent years, including severe storms, blizzards, wildfires, and flooding, impacting many people and their animals. It is essential that...

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West Nile Virus in Horses

The first case of West Nile Virus in Alberta was reported in 2002, and while diagnosed cases are still rare infection from the virus poses a serious risk to horses and humans.

A Guide to Equine Dental Care

There are many rewards to proper equine dental care. Your horse will be healthier and more comfortable, will utilize feed more efficiently, may perform better and may even live longer.

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