SPCAs, Humane Societies, Shelters, Rescues and Pounds

Over the past 20 years, the network of groups, organizations, and individuals working towards the collective goal of improving and protecting animal welfare in Alberta has grown substantially. To the public, the landscape can seem confusing, as scope and objectives of animal welfare efforts occasionally overlap.

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Spaying and Neutering: An Important Procedure For Your Pet

Spaying and neutering is an important procedure that we advocate. There are long term health benefits to your pet when it is spayed or neutered with the primary benefit of controlling the pet population and reducing the numbers of unplanned, unwanted pets.

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Whenever the routine of your household is disrupted there is potential for unexpected things to happen. To make sure everyone in your home has a happy holiday, keep these items out of your animals’ reach when possible.


Parvovirus is a hardy, highly contagious, often deadly virus that’s spread through the feces of infected dogs. It attacks the...

Your Senior Pet

Senior pets have special needs. Find out how you can make sure they're met.

Professional Animal Dentistry

  • Dental Care for your Pet

    Prevent Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease, which is disease affecting the teeth and gums is very common in dogs and cats...

  • The Risks of Dental Neglect

    Dental Health is one of the most overlooked areas of animal care, and neglecting it can have disastrous consequences.

  • Cat & Dog Dentistry

    Veterinary dentistry is essential for the health and wellbeing of your animals. Whether considering animal dentistry for your dog...

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  • Dogs and Fireworks

    When it comes to festivities and celebrations, some dogs may enjoy the setting while others are best left at home. Dogs can be...

  • Fear of Thunderstorms

    Did you know a fear of thunderstorms is a surprisingly common problem among dogs? The fear may be so strong that some dogs can...

  • Pet Lightning Safety

    Whether you’re at home or outside when the storm rolls in, lightning strikes pose a serious risk to our safety and comfort.

  • Assistance Dogs in Alberta

    It is estimated that between 80-100 Albertans rely on the assistance of service dogs every day. These dogs receive rigorous...

  • Water Safety Tips for Dogs

    Water Safety Week is an annual campaign in early June to educate Canadians on how to stay safe around water and prevent drowning...

  • On Biting Dogs and Rescued Dogs

    We would like to communicate our support for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's position statement which supports...

  • Dog Bite Prevention

    Statistics show that it is most often pets you know that bite, so just because you know your pets or your neighbours' pets well,...